Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Canary Wharf area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Congratulations to Jason V Jeyaseelan of Canary Wharf who passed his MANAUAL practical driving test on Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018 at his 1st ATTEMPT with only 3 minor faults!

Julius Anthony Driving School celebrates the success of Jason Jeyaseelan from Canary Wharf for boldly stepping out to getting his FULL UK licence driving the MANUAL car.

Well done Jason for dedicating yourself to put the effort in. Welcome to your new found independence to the UK roads and good luck on the new opportunities that will be opened to you…we’ll take a rain cheque on those flying lessons you promised

From the team at Julius Anthony Driving School.

Drive SAFELY Always!

“Firstly, I chose Julius Anthony driving school because it was close to my place of work – Location, secondly, I was in need of acquiring my full UK licence in a MANUAL car as soon as humanly possible.

I already had about 10 years driving experience and have been regularly driving mostly abroad. I wanted an Intensive course and explained this to the instructor – Julius, and emphasised that I only needed a few hours – not a good idea…advising oneself. Julius advised me to do a 5 day Intensive with him so he could point out and address my weaknesses and bad habits.

Looking back, after the MANUAL Driving Test, without Julius’ precise assistance and help I would have definitely been unsuccessful. Julius Anthony was prompt to correct ALL what was incorrect in my driving…Julius gave me the skills and mindset to get me to be successful for the Test at Wanstead in just 5 days – it was a LOT of information to get used to but Julius’ support and attitude was brilliant and we covered pretty much the same routes/instructions on the Test itself.

Learning the new skill-set was way beyond my expectations, but coaching from Julius helped me infinitely, it was exactly as Julius said it would be. Passing my MANUAL driving Test on my 1st attempt was an excellent achievement! You will know and understand exactly what to expect for the Driving Test following a guided set of driving lessons.

I will be referring my mates to Julius Anthony Driving School – as they are ‘spot on’!. Many thanks to Julius Anthony for taking the time to slot me in to his schedule.”

Jason V Jeyaseelan, Canary Wharf

Julius Anthony Driving School Congratulates Cynthia Kanu of Canary Wharf for passing her MANUAL practical driving test on the 28th of December 2018 at Wanstead Driving Test Centre.

Well done Cynthia for consistently and frequently attending your lessons weekly. We at Julius Anthony Driving School recognise your dedication to your tuitions and for following our recommendations at the amount of meetings necessary – it has paid off with a first-time success at your driving Test.

We celebrate your newfound independence to the roads. We are very glad that we at Julius Anthony Driving School helped you achieved your target for this year 2018 – Passing the MANUAL driving test!


The very best wishes to you from your Driving Instructor Julius Anthony and the team here at Julius Anthony Driving School and we look forward to your motorway driving sessions.

Be safe always!

P.S. WANSTEAD Test Centre:- 80% of our successes for 2018 (50% in 2017) were at this Test Centre, we are of the opinion that if the candidate is well prepared and follows our recommendation any pupil can be success at any Test Centre in the UK.

Driving Lessons Canary Wharf

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