“My name is Julius Anthony and I am the owner and founder Julius Anthony Driving School.

I have been in the Driving School industry for over 20 years after qualifying back in May 2003.

I worked as a franchised instructor for a company that was based in Surrey for about 3 years. And then, moved my franchise status to one of the UK’s national driving school – stayed there for 5 years, before deciding to go independent.

I was able to build a solid reputation for high test pass rates, excellent customer services and value for money tuitions.

I am currently focusing on training people to become good, reputable driving instructors in my local area.

My ethos has always been to provide the very best quality tuition and outstanding value for money. This approach helped grow the Driving School.

Any business that is growing will have issues keeping the level of quality assurance consistent across the board and, we have implemented substantial monitoring procedures to ensure we continue to provide excellent value for money for all our students.

Thank you for visiting our website and for showing an interest in the Driving tuition that we provide.

Please look around, see the numerous ways we strive to be the number one choice for local students and how we maintain our position as one of the area’s premier Driving Schools.”