“I picked Julius Anthony as I wanted an instructor who has passing the driving test as a priority.

Everything was broken down for me to practice in areas I was not as competent in. I had a few driving Instructors before Julius Anthony, but I was not satisfied at my progress with them – they were not giving me feedback to let me know where I was in my tuitions and there was no way of measuring my improvement.

Julius was positively encouraging from the very first moment – even from the phone conversation we had, Julius had set a plan of progress right up to the practical test. I was eased out of my comfort zone – repeatedly went over mistakes until I understood them (and competently avoided them), Julius was very direct and ALWAYS gave me a lesson plan and sometimes HOMEWORK.

He was PATIENT, adaptable and very professional. I learnt new things about my learning process with Julius’ teaching methods. I did my test in the unfamiliar area of Wanstead and passed my MANUAL driving Test in just 2 weeks – the game plan from the start. My one and only attempt at the practical driving test resulted in a 1st time PASS!

Julius took time to investigate, confirm and improved ALL aspects of my driving skills. The use of lesson objectives and what we set out to achieve and the reviewing of the lessons at the end, worked really well for me.”

Edire Koloko, Canary Wharf

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