Customer Reviews Canning Town Deborah Annan-Malm

“I picked Julius Anthony Driving School as I wanted a school where passing was the instructor’s priority. Everything was broken down for me to practice in areas I was not as competent in. My previous Instructor gave up on me – refused to give me lessons as I was asking too many questions, and he did not want to change his teaching method. Julius was positively encouraging from the word go; PATIENT, adaptable and very professional. I learnt new things about my learning curve with Julius’ teaching methods. I did my Test in an unfamiliar area and passed my MANUAL driving Test. Learning to drive has been quite a challenge for me and starting out initially with an Instructor who wasn’t committed to me did not help…. when I met up with Julius Anthony Driving School quite a few gaps/holes in my knowledge had to be dealt with. Julius took time to investigate, confirm and improved the understandings in my driving skills. I felt I got every penny out of each lesson. The use of lesson objectives and what we set out to achieve and the reviewing of the lessons at the end worked really worked well for me. I will definitely recommended my friends to Julius Anthony Driving School. Personally, I would suggest the regular notes/logs after each lesson much helpful” Deborah Annan-Malm, Canning Town Customer Reviews Canning Town Deborah Annan-Malm

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