Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Stratford area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Julius Anthony Driving School Congratulates Vanessa Khan of Stratford for passing her MANUAL practical driving test on the 17th of February 2018 at Wanstead Driving Test Centre.

Well done Vanessa for consistently and frequently attending your lessons weekly. We at Julius Anthony Driving School recognise your dedication to your tuitions and it has paid off – attending Six Form & a Part-time employment.

We celebrate your newfound independence to the roads. The very best wishes to you from your Driving Instructor Julius Anthony and all the team at Julius Anthony Driving School and we look forward to completing your PassPlus sessions with Julius Anthony Driving School.

Be Safe Always!

“I was looking for a Driving Instructor where passing the MANUAL practical driving test was the instructor’s priority. Other factors I considered – the School’s Integrity, pass rates and flexibility, as I attend Six Form and hold a part-time Job.

Julius Anthony Driving School came highly recommended – reviews of successes spanning over the last 7 years by the people I enquired from. The multi-tasking driving routine took some time for me to get my head around, but Julius Anthony – my Instructor, was great at talking me through what to do. Julius was understanding and extremely patient with me so he welcomed my mistakes and made me ponder on how better to do it next time around.

I was particularly impressed at how Julius tutored me to move and stop the vehicle on my very first lesson – I would say, that did it for me – that I would be able to learn to drive gave me assurance. I found that Julius valued my success and assigned sufficient hours that suited me for my improvement.”

Vanessa Khan, Stratford.

Customer Review Stratford Vanessa Khan

Congratulations to Md. Mizan Rahman of Stratford who passed his MANAUAL practical driving test on Tuesday the 5th of June 2018 at Wanstead with only 3 minor faults!

Julius Anthony Driving School celebrates the success of Md. Mizan Rahman from Stratford City for getting his FULL UK Licence driving the MANUAL car.

Well done Mizan for dedicating yourself to put the effort in. Welcome to your new found independence to the UK roads and good luck on the Studies…we wish you every success!

From the team at Julius Anthony Driving School.

Drive SAFELY Always!

“My good friend – Mo, who passed his MANUAL driving Test on the first go in March 2018 after only 3 months with Julius Anthony driving school – referred me.

I was desperate to get my full UK licence in a MANUAL car as soon as humanly possible, before studying for my MASTER’S at university.

I had no driving experience at all and wanted an Intensive course. I had in-depth information for every aspect of driving from my instructor – Julius Anthony, who identified and dealt with my challenges – which were a few! Julius is experienced and

I could tell in how it dealt with every obstacle we encountered. Julius Anthony was prompt to correct ALL what was required for me to drive confidently and competently at Wanstead Driving Test Centre.

The support was excellent and teaching methods easy to understand – Amazing! On the Day, I covered pretty much the very same routes/instructions as on my driving lesson plans.

Learning the new skill-set was harder than I expected, but Julius’ commitment to helping me achieve the Highest Test standard – was key.

Passing my MANUAL driving Test on my 1st attempt at Wanstead was an excellent achievement!

I will be referring my friends to Julius Anthony Driving School – as they are definitely reliable, even if they have no driving experience. My sincere appreciation to Julius Anthony.”

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Md Mizan Rahman, Stratford.

Customer Reviews Stratford Md. Mizan Rahman