Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Stratford area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Congratulations to Yijin Zhao who passed her MANUAL practical driving test on the 19th of August 2019 at her 1st Attempt with us and with only 3 minor faults!

Julius Anthony Driving School celebrates your success. Well done for taking the plunge and boldly stepping out to get your full UK driving licence with the MANUAL car. Yijin was a referral from another Driving School in our area.

Well done Yijin for your dedication…we know it was challenging at times driving after work and around your area which was full of traffic because of road works/closures. Welcome to your new found independence to the UK roads and good luck on the new opportunities that will be opened to you…

From the all the team here at Julius Anthony Driving School.

Drive Safely Always!

“It was really important that I have a driving instructor that was concerned about improving my driving skills.

Julius Anthony was recommended, he had reviews of successful 1st time passes at the Driving School…as I had unpleasant experiences with previous Instructors in about 6 months and my progress was very slow, neither did I understand what I was doing most of the time! I was, therefore, asking Julius a lot of questions way before we linked up, and his answers were not only logical and practical but they were attainable and it was an enjoyable learning experience with Julius Anthony as my instructor.

Julius Anthony – he talked me through every step of what to do. Learning to drive with Julius was fantastic and far better than my previous instructor. He was helpful and persistent from the first lesson – I felt that I was supported by him. Being encouraged and booking my test, helped me stay focused – Passing my MANUAL driving Test at Wanstead with the new driving test rules on the 1st attempt in about 2 months is an amazing feeling. I have already referred my friend to Julius Anthony Driving School.

Many thanks to Julius Anthony for being there for me – he was passionate about my success and progress, this inspired me to keep going on, I look forward to our motorway driving session.”

Yijin Zhao, Stratford.

Customer Review Stratford Yijin Zhao

Congratulations to Benny Naykene who passed his MANUAL driving test on Friday 14th February 2020 at his first ATTEMPT at LOUGHTON Test Centre.

Julius Anthony Driving School celebrates the success of Benny Naykene from East London for boldly stepping out to get his FULL UK Licence driving the MANUAL car, and trusting to come to our school. I admire your commitment to your tuitions and it has paid off.

Well done Benny for dedicating yourself at putting in the effort and taking time off from work. Welcome to your new found independence to the UK roads and good luck on the new opportunities that will be opened to you…

From the Team at Julius Anthony Driving School.

Drive SAFELY Always!

“Looking at their pass rate is what made up my mind to choose Julius Anthony Driving School!

Julius came highly recommended from previous success reviews. It was also important that I would have a driving instructor who was committed to teaching and coaching me – giving their all, just as I would give my all to learn. Julius believed in me too.

Julius had to fill in a lot of gaps in my driving skills, as my previous Instructor wasn’t really helpful – having been with them for over six months.

Julius Anthony – my driving Instructor had me for only nine days before my test at Loughton with the MANUAL Car Test – passed it at my first attempt there!

Learning to drive was intense and way more than what I had expected it to be, however, Julius had excellent teaching methods that were spectacular which made me very comfortable! I found his whole approach very easy to deal with!

I would recommend Julius Anthony Driving School 100 percent without question to anyone, Julius is an expert in his field, which gives you a confidence boost even when passing”

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Benny Naykene, East London.

Customer Review Benny Naykene