“I was recommended by my husband, who had also passed with this school a number of years ago.

Having tried other driving schools/instructors – I felt that I was not making decisive progress towards being a confident driver; people spoke highly of Julius Anthony.

Secondly, I had time constraints along with support network challenges – being a mother – Julius was able to accommodate some flexibility for this.

My instructor – Julius Anthony, talked me through each step of what to do from start, right up until the Test.

Julius was direct and precise in whatever I needed to learn, and took the emotions out of setting the correct form of instructions for my progress.

Learning to drive with Julius was great! He was helpful, persistent and patient. He would go over anything, time and time again until I proved that I understood the instructions/or skill set.

I passed my MANUAL driving Test at Wanstead.

Many thanks to Julius Anthony for being there for me – he was passionate about my learning and progress.

Even with the pandemic, Julius made every effort to make sure I was on point to sit the driving Test as soon as it was possible, as a keyworker.”

Chantelle Epelle-Oboko, Stratford


Julius Anthony Driving School Guarantee